All interns are supervised by a licensed psychologist who holds primary responsibility for the cases under supervision. Interns receive a minimum of two (2) hours per week of face-to-face individual supervision with their primary supervisor. Weekly group supervision (2 hours) is required and conducted with all interns across consortium sites in-person, with the option of videoconferencing if needed. Group supervision may focus on legal/ethical issues, professional development topics, and/or clinical concerns. Additional supervision is provided, as necessary. In total, interns receive a minimum of 4 hours per week of supervision. Interns will also have the opportunity to participate in multidisciplinary group supervision at their training site.

Interns are referred to as “psychology interns” during all interactions and are required to introduce themselves as trainees during initial contacts with clients. They must also provide the name and credentials of their primary supervisor, who co-signs all written documentation as an additional layer of oversight and responsibility.

Interns track their internship hours using Time2Track. Tracking hours assists in ensuring interns participate in a variety of training activities, receive adequate supervision, and accrue adequate direct client contact hours. Tracking hours also assists with attesting to internship training hours at its completion for licensure. Time2Track hours and percentage charts are submitted to program supervisors weekly, prior to the scheduled supervision time. Interns are expected to cover the nominal costs of maintaining a Time2Track account. For pricing, see https://time2track.com.