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The Guam Department of Corrections (DOC) provides general management of detained individuals of Guam (e.g., pre-trial, federal and immigration detainees) and adjudicated minimum, medium, and maximum-security convicted individuals. The Guam DOC is comprised of its main facility, the Adult Correctional Facility (ACF) in Mangilao, and the Hagatna Detention Facility in Hagatna. Mental health services for Guam DOC are provided by GBHWC.

The ACF is a 602-bed facility, which includes the Women’s Facility, the Community Corrections Center (C3), and a residential substance abuse treatment program (RSAT). The ACF also holds the overflow of detainees from the Hagatna Detention Facility. The Women’s Facility is Guam’s sole facility for women and houses all detainee and inmate types. C3 houses inmates classified as minimum-out and therefore eligible for work credit, work release, and educational release. RSAT is a 100% federally funded Relapse Prevention and Recovery Program available to all inmates to attain a healthier and drug free lifestyle upon release. The Hagatna Detention Facility, a 130-bed facility in Hagatna, houses local pre-trial detainees, immigration, and federal detainees.

The correctional institution prepares those that are imprisoned for reentry into society and addresses the root causes of their difficulties to reduce recidivism. The Diagnostic Treatment Services Division (DTSD) at ACF primarily deals with the changing of perspectives towards criminal attitudes through counseling and programming services. It acts as a linkage in maintaining the relationships of consumers with their families and the community. The Forensic/Mental Health Unit is responsible for performing diagnostic and treatment services for consumers with serious mental and behavioral health concerns and provides for the care and control of consumers to prevent suicide, including 24-hour crisis services. In addition to these functions, consumers are offered educational, vocational rehabilitation, inmate labor work, and religious programs. Consumers are also offered programs in substance use prevention, conflict resolution, anger management, emotional control, domestic violence, family reintegration, relapse prevention, personality modification, parenting, human sexuality, and pardon/commutation planning. Medication management for consumers is also provided.

As of April 2021, Guam DOC inmate population totaled 481. Of those 481, 55% were pre-adjudicated detainees, 41% were convicted inmates, 4% were Federal inmates, and less than 1% were Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) detainees. The top three ethnicities included (1) CHamoru, (2) Filipino, and (3) Chuukese and/or Pohnpeian. About 76% of the consumers were male while 24% were female. As of 6/1/21, the ACF’s Mental Health Unit provided services for 53 consumers. The primary language is English.

Map of Guam with a blue star on the map indicating where the Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness (GBWHC) site is and an orange star showing where the Guam Department of Corrections (DOC) site is. The blue star is North of the orange star. The Blue star is along the Tumon Bay.

Contact Information

Site Director: Angela Laygo, PsyD
Email address:angela.laygo@gbhwc.guam.gov

Phone number: (671) 734-1089
Mailing address: Guam DOC, Mental Health Unit, P.O. Box 3236 Hagatna, Guam 96932