Selection Criteria and Application Process

The Guam Psychology Internship Consortium has two full-time positions. The training year involves completing 6-month rotations at Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center and the Department of Corrections.

Clearance Requirements

Guam-PIC requires interns to meet additional clearance requirements prior to commencing the internship. Interns must pass a Police Clearance, which reflects if one has a record of criminal conviction(s) subject to Guam Law, as well as a Court Clearance (also known as a Certificate of Search), to show there is no pending criminal and/or civil cases with the District of Court of Guam. Employees of Guam government cannot use marijuana or other controlled substances and must pass a drug screening prior to commencing internship that includes a full panel drug test. Court and police clearance can be obtained from the Guam Superior Court and the Guam Police Department, respectively. Final hiring for the internship is contingent upon passing these clearance checks and drug screening.

Vaccination Mandate

As a mandatory public safety requirement, Guam-PIC requires all staff, including psychology interns, to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of employment. Proof of vaccination will be required at all internship program sites. Your completed CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card will meet this requirement. You may, however, request a reasonable accommodation from the mandatory vaccination policy due to a qualifying disability or medical condition, or based on sincerely held religious belief, practice or observance. In doing so, you would be required to submit to regular COVID-19 testing. At this time, Guam has a 90%+ vaccination rate. Lastly, it is important to note that this is an evolving pandemic, and it is therefore difficult to predict what measures or mandates may be in effect by the start of and during the 2022-2023 training year. Moving forward, we will endeavor to keep applicants as up to date as possible regarding changes to Guam-PIC procedures and training.

Student Liability Insurance

Interns will be required to purchase student liability insurance through the APA Trust for the period of the internship training year.

Selection Criteria


Guam-PIC is currently accepting applications from doctoral level students from APA-accredited and non-APA accredited programs. However, applicants must be certified by the academic program as being ready for internship.

Additional Criteria

Guam-PIC will base its selection process on the entire application package noted below; however, applicants who have met the following qualifications prior to beginning internship will be considered preferred:

  1. A minimum of 400 intervention hours
  2. A minimum of 50 assessment hours
  3. Dissertation proposal defended
  4. Experience or special interest in working with diverse populations and/or in rural or under-served areas

Guam-PIC firmly believes that all forms of diversity serve to enhance the training environment and professional growth of interns and faculty alike, as well as allow the diverse range of patients served to see themselves in their providers. Applicants are individually evaluated in terms of quality of previous training, practicum experiences, and fit with the internship, as well as considered for the diversity that they may bring to the program. In addition to the preferences noted above, Guam-PIC takes into consideration the potential commitment or interest of any prospective intern to remain in Guam following internship and work in behavioral health. Developing a strong behavioral health workforce is an important consideration for the state, and an interest in remaining in Guam to join the workforce will be considered a benefit in a potential intern.

Application Process

Guam-PIC has two tracks/programs within its Consortium – Guam Behavorial Health and Wellness Center and Department of Corrections. Applicants interested in applying to Guam-PIC should submit one application via the applicant portal and designate within the AAPI which track/program within Guam-PIC they are applying for. Applicants can apply to one or both tracks. Additionally, applicants should describe their interest in Guam-PIC in their cover letter including which track/program they are applying for.

Students interested in applying to the Guam-PIC through the APPIC Portal at https://portal.appicas.org/.

A complete application consists of the following materials:

  1. A completed AAPI (APPIC’s standard application)
  2. Cover letter stating and describing your preferred track/program within Guam-PIC
  3. A current Curriculum Vitae (as part of the AAPI)
  4. Three letters of recommendation, two of which must be from persons who have directly supervised your clinical work (as part of the online AAPI). Please submit no more than three letters.
  5. Official transcripts of all graduate coursework
  6. Supplementary materials:
    1. One full integrated assessment report (please redact appropriately) and,
    2. A one-page clinical case conceptualization

Guam-PIC’s application deadline is December 1. The interview notification date is December 1. The interview dates are January 6 or January 13. All interview will occur via video conference. Phone interviews can be arranged when necessary.

Questions regarding the application or interview process may be directed to either of Guam-PIC’s Training Director, Dr. Mary Fegurgur (mary.fegurgur@gbhwc.guam.gov), or to the program’s WICHE consultant, Ericia Leeper (eleeper@wiche.edu).