Intern Expectations

Aims, Competencies, and Learning Elements

Interns are expected to accomplish the aims, objectives, and learning elements and all training requirements of the Guam-PIC training program.


Attendance at didactics and all other scheduled group training activities is mandatory for all interns and is required for successful completion of the internship. Attendance at these scheduled activities take priority over other site obligations each week. Site supervisors are aware of these activities and their requirement for interns. Please see the Didactic and Intern Group Attendance and Etiquette Policy for additional details.

Professional Behavior

Interns are also expected to abide by Guam-PIC’s Code of Conduct and the APA Code of Ethics. Guam-PIC interns are employees of Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness and are also expected to abide by the policies, procedures, rules, and regulations of GBHWC and Guam Department of Corrections.

Guam-PIC strongly values diversity and believes in creating an equitable, hospitable, appreciative, safe, and inclusive learning environment for its interns. Diversity among interns and supervisors enriches the educational experience, promotes personal growth, contributes to the overall quality of the program, and strengthens communities and the workplace. Every effort is made by Guam-PIC to create a climate in which all staff and interns feel respected, comfortable, and in which success is possible and obtainable.

Guam-PIC recognizes the rights of interns and faculty to be treated with courtesy and respect. To maximize the quality and effectiveness of the interns’ learning experiences, all interactions among interns, training supervisors, and faculty/staff are collegial and conducted in a manner that reflects the highest standards of the profession.

Additionally, Guam-PIP has a comprehensive due process procedure, which outlines the processes for addressing concerns about intern performance as well as interns’ grievances about the training program. Related procedures and protocols are provided in hard copy to all interns during orientation via the Guam-PIP Handbook.


Interns track their internship hours using Time2Track. Tracking hours assists in ensuring interns participate in a variety of training activities, receive adequate supervision, and accrue adequate direct client contact hours. Tracking hours also assists with attesting to internship training hours at its completion for licensure. Time2Track hours and percentage charts are submitted to program supervisors weekly, prior to the scheduled supervision time. Interns are expected to cover the nominal costs of maintaining a Time2Track account. For pricing, see https://time2track.com.


Interns are referred to as “psychology interns” during all interactions and are required to introduce themselves as trainees during initial contacts with clients. They must also provide the name and credentials of their primary supervisor, who co-signs all written documentation as an additional layer of oversight and responsibility.