Philosophy and Training Goals

The Guam Psychology Internship Consortium’s (Guam-PIC) aim is to prepare, train, and retain psychologists to provide culturally competent collaborative health care for the underserved and diverse people of Guam.

The Guam-PIC represents the collaborative effort of two agencies – Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center (GBHWC) in Tamuning, Guam, and Guam’s Department of Corrections (DOC) in Mangilao, Guam. These agencies have partnered to share resources and faculty for the purpose of providing a diversified educational program for psychology interns, focusing on training in culturally relevant and competent services for Guam’s diverse and often underserved population, in addition to the professional competencies outlined by the American Psychological Association and another competency specific to Guam-PIC. Guam-PIC aspires to prepare knowledgeable, skilled, passionate, and compassionate psychologists-to-be to live and work in Guam, serving the people of Guam to help them remain healthy, strong, and resilient. The varied cultures and challenges of the people of Guam require clinicians to be culturally sensitive and culturally humble, able to adapt evidence-based practices where appropriate to meet the needs of diverse clients, accepting of all clients.

Guam-PIC values the dimension and depth that diversity of training faculty, interns, and individuals bring to the intern training experience. Guam-PIC values all types of diversity and welcomes diverse applicants to apply.

It is expected that by the conclusion of the internship year, interns will have achieved intermediate to advanced competencies in APA’s nine Profession Wide Competencies, Guam-PIC’s one Program Specific Competency, and their associated Learning Elements. For a comprehensive list of all required Learning Elements, please see the Guam-PIC Intern Evaluation.