Didactic Training

Guam-PIC offers a comprehensive and in-depth curriculum of didactic training, typically as a weekly, two-hour video-conference training. Many topic areas consist of a two-to-three-part series of didactic trainings to allow for sufficient depth in those areas. Didactic trainings are delivered by Guam-PIC psychologist faculty as well as by other behavioral health professionals who are experts in the topic areas. Didactic topics may include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Ethics and Adult Mandatory Reporting
  2. Adult Assessment and Testing
  3. Overview of Psychosis, Early Intervention and Family Treatments
  4. Psychological Assessment/Evaluation Report Writing
  5. Adults, SMI and Sequential Intercept Model
  6. Assisted Outpatient Treatment
  7. SMI and Medications
  8. Adult Attention Deficit Disorder: Assessment and Treatment
  9. Critical Incident Debriefing: Mitchell Model
  10. Drug Assessment/Testing
  11. Substance Use and Suicide: Assessment and Treatment
  12. Overview of Substance Induced Psychosis, Early Intervention and Family Treatments
  13. Substance Use Psychological Assessment/Evaluation
  14. Motivational Interviewing
  15. Juvenile Substance Use
  16. Medications and Substance Use